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The year 2014 is a year I will remember…

when I was at gun point by a cop

I miss having a girlfriend sometimes. It’s always nice to have some to talk to everyday that’s genuinely concerned about you. But friends will always be there for you, unlike an ex. I seem to attract the same kind of people that always end up hurting me. I am just glad I live a very busy and somewhat satisfying single life.

The Girl that inspired me to go to law school / My Addendum for Law school in my OWN words =)

So there was this girl I liked a year ago - maybe since a year ago lol but hey it’s not like she’s holding out for me so IDK how I feel tbh - and when I told her I liked her she was like “Oh, well can you handle being friends?” And I said yeah because she was a cool person. To be honest, this girl inspired me to go to law school, and this might gross people out since she’s a year older than me but she inspires me in a “big sister” way. She’s so smart and has everything together, good looking all that etc. The irony is that she’s the youngest of two brothers. I want to be good looking and smart and have it all together just like her one day! 

Well we used to be sort of close, like we used to text each other everyday. And I would fall for her again. So I would post stuff like “Im in love with so and so” on facebook and she would like IM me like “Who is it?”. I did it on several occasions and she would constantly ask me who it was. Of course I didn’t say it was her dum-dumb lol. hahah just joking. Neways yeah then I would just treat her like I treat my normal friends that are girls. So I woudl tell her stuff like which girls I thought were really hot etc. And soon as I started doing that she started talking to me less. And I know this may sound girly or whatever because I kidn of had a suspicion she liked me - I could be really wrong though, I wouldn’t be surprised if everything was just coincendential. So I remember we were texting and she told she was going to Korea, cause she’s like half korean. OMFG I love korean girls they are so beautiful! ANd i was like “bring me back a korean import model” and then her texts responses were super late after that. The last thing I remember we were IMing each other about was this korean import model I think is like the hottest/cutest girl I possibly have ever seen in my life, Ryu JI Hyee. And she asked me who she was and I was like shes an import model. And she was all like “Her boobs are fake tho”. And I was like “IDC hahaha they look nice and they’re not like ridicously big” and she hasnt text me or IM ever since. Like she likes my pictures on instagram and she comments on my facebook here and there but thats it. I also remember the first time I told her I liked her, her answer was “I didn’t want to settle down yet because I just want to focus on school and become a lawyer. Then after all my life is accomplished I will find someone and settle down with him so I can devote my time to him”. That’s the sweetest thing ever. And you know after she told me that it became my reason too. I really want to be a lawyer now, not for her but for me.

Oh btw you know how my friend was all like “I just want to focus on school” yada yada yada? Well after that she ended up going back out with her abusive ex-bf she told me about. hahah sad my life right? But when I asked her “Did you cave in?” and she said yes. So you know what? that didnt make me mad. I mean she has a bf again but I  dont give a fuck because I am so focused on this being a lawyer thing that I dont have time for it lololol btw I like waffles and syrup!

Neways I will always have time for love, I’ve had thirteen girlfriends - OMFG the last one was the worst - it’s time I really fucking focus on my future. I really want to do this so bad. I want to walk around with a sexy ass fitted suit and be a criminal defense lawyer and stop people from be thrown in jail. Did you know people are being thrown in jail because the government thinks that the higher number of people in jail the safer the country will be? Stupid right? I learned all about it in my criminology class. I want to help people and save people, and defend them. Part of the reason I wanted to be a lawyer too was because my ex. She was so catty. When I left drumline to go focus on school she told all my friends and these new guys I was the worst person ever. So I decided I wanted to go into criminal defense because I started to realize how peoples perception of things were easily swayed. But neways back to my friend! lolololol Neways yeah thats the reason why I want to be a lawyer! I want to be just like my friend, I want to establish a good career and focus hard on school so I can be successful and happy. Ill make a lot of money and help alot of people! It makes me so happy just thinking about it. You know my whole life I was so worried about what I was going to do as a career. I thought I would do muisc, but I learned how hard it was and I honestly dont think I would just be as happy. Being a criminal defense lawyer, that’ll make me happy! 

Dude it’s so bullshit how like people but on their blog like “Talk to me and ASKS ME QUESTIONS” because when you talk to them they fucking ignore you. Pft whatever, take the shit down. I am an actual person that wants to meet random ass people on tumblr and not just says it.

I was in two life and death situations

Anonymous asked: Won't law be difficult? Are you planning on continuing to graduate school? What did you major in?

Law is going to be hard but it’s the only stable career I am interested in, I really mean it when I say interested. I fucking really want to be lawyer, it’s like the coolest job in the world. Yes law will be diffcult. but work hard play hard right?

No grad school for me

I am majoring in Sociology (with a concentration in something)
Political Science (Concentation in something again, I still gotta figure it out)
and minoring in Philosophy with a concentration on Law and Ethics

I am going to be in school for a while but I am in no rush.

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Anonymous asked: Why law?

I have been putting this off because tbh I have so many reasons. I am going to super simplify my reasons:

- When I was a freshmen in college I dated a girl for almost a year. REALLY LONG story short, she gossiped about me and I never could fit in with the same group of friends. That’s when I decided I really loved the idea of defending people…btw I want to be a Criminal Defense lawyer

- After taking a bunch of sociology classes I realized that people outside of the norm get mistreated - disabled people, druggies etc. To be a lawyer you have to defend/prosecute someone because you strongly believe that they are guilty/not guilty. I like the idea of defending druggies because I smoke pot and it has been proven that stoners are non-violent criminals.

- Lawyers exist in a career field that is self governed, meaning that lawyers choose which laws to be made and which ones to be done a way with

- Lawyers are expected to be highly critical thinkers and have very logical thinking. Out of all the careers out there I find practicing law to be the most practically applicable - no pun intended

- I want to make a lot of money to raise a family with out any financial issues

- I believe in second chances and hearing all sides to a story. I like helping people.

A new pair of shoes makes me happy

Scott Disick is my hero

When I find out people are using me, I use them…and only do this to people who use me.

My blog does not reflect my personality as a whole, I just post things that appeal to me that are in black and white

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