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AIDAN Dylan Quevedo

Forever 2ne3 years old

Single to mingle…but not really looking for anything at the moment

Straight like a fucking sword…but curved for women lol…idk I am so weird this makes no sense lol

Filipino & a little Chinese&Japanese (Okinawan)…………that’s what my grandma sayz….honestly though I’m filipino

class > swag

I try really hard to consciously not judge people. Your body is your choice, respect it.

Oahu grown

University of Hawaii at Manoa

I <3 Photography…

Used to be in the University of Hawaii Drumline & Wind Ensemble & Jazz Band

I am a semi-professional drummer (I get paid to play at musicals and stuff)

I used to be a band geek…..but some of the people in drumline are real fucking un-fun fat sack of ass people so I quit

Smoke Weed Errday

I am super indecisive

I want to run away to California

I want to be a lawyer one day

I am EXACTLY the same person as I am on tumblr in real life

Any Questions?………….I Answer Every Question!! Come talk/rant to me,I love getting to know my followers!!!!!

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